PBCondition Class Reference

#include <PBConditions.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static SEConditionLoad (const cdm::AnyConditionData &condition, SESubstanceManager &subMgr)
static cdm::AnyConditionData * Unload (const SECondition &condition)
static void Serialize (const cdm::ConditionData &src, SECondition &dst)
static void Serialize (const SECondition &src, cdm::ConditionData &dst)

Member Function Documentation

◆ Load()

SECondition * PBCondition::Load ( const cdm::AnyConditionData &  condition,
SESubstanceManager subMgr 

Create a new action based on the binding object, load that data into the new action, and return said action

◆ Serialize() [1/2]

void PBCondition::Serialize ( const cdm::ConditionData &  src,
SECondition dst 

◆ Serialize() [2/2]

void PBCondition::Serialize ( const SECondition src,
cdm::ConditionData &  dst 

◆ Unload()

cdm::AnyConditionData * PBCondition::Unload ( const SECondition condition)

Create a new bind object, unload the action, put that in the bind object, and return said bind object